19th June 2018 seen by Bob Johnson

Butterfly transect walk and check at the pond after the Work Party had finished.
Whillet’s:- 1 Ringlet (first of the season – picture), 12 Meadow Brown, 1 Common Blue, 3 Large Skipper, plus 1 day flying moth – ¬†Yellow Shell (picture). 2 Blue-tailed Damselflies, many Azure Damselflies, 1 Emperor Dragonfly, 1 Banded Demoiselle. Blackbirds & Song Thrushes were singing also 2 Chiffchaff, 1 Buzzard and 1 Kestrel over.
The meadow pond (picture) was surveyed recently and found to be very healthy with a good mix of species. A short dipping session earlier in the day by one of our volunteers included a Water Stick Insect. Also seen was a large Dragonfly larva with many other larvae and water beetles.

Self Heal 19-06-18

Yellow Shell Moth 19-06-18

Ringlet Butterfly 19-06-18

Meadow pond 19-06-18

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