We keep a list of all birds and their counts for Weir Wood. We thought you might be interested and entertained by a summary of the running list. We include feral and hybrid birds for the purposes of some national data collections. To see the current list please click HERE. The total to date is 110.

The latest newsletter was sent out, both by email and by post, this week. If you have not received your copy in the next few days please contact Tom Howard-Jones email: membership@weirwood.me.uk. Please let me know if you are willing to receive your newsletter by email rather than post. This will save us time and costs. Many thanks. 24th March 2017.

23-03-17 Osprey seen at about 9;30 am – watched for 10 minutes – Brendan Lanigan at the Fishery.

25-03-17 2 Ospreys watched over the reservoir at 18:20 – Janet Wilkinson.

27-03-17 Osprey reported at Dam End late morning.

01-05-17 Osprey headed North over Dam (09:30).

04-05-17 Osprey flying NE at Dam End (about noon).

08-05-17 Osprey at Dam End in morning.

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We have set up a public Facebook group called “Friends of Weir Wood”. The web address is www.facebook.com/groups/weirwood/ you can navigate to it by clicking HERE. It is intended for all supporters of the nature reserve. It will have wildlife sightings, photos, news, events, suggestions and comments. Please contribute (but remember that it is a public space). If you use Facebook please request to join the group – then you will receive updates and reminders automatically. We hope you will like it and find it useful.

On 12/8/16 a moth box was put out in Whillet’s Meadows and this micro moth was captured. It has been confirmed by the County Moth Recorder as Pseudopostega crepusculella – a species which is Nationally Scarce and has not been seen in Sussex since 2009. It has never been reported in the North of the County. Although only 5mm long and not an impressive looking moth; it is our first “Nationally Scarce” moth record for the Nature Reserve. Bob Johnson ran the trap and arranged the identification.

Pseudopostega-crepusculella 31-08-16

Pseudopostega crepusculella 31-08-16