Peter Erridge, one of The Friends of Weir Wood, gives talks and writes articles that raise awareness as well as funds for our society. He talks about the nature reserve and the work that we do to conserve and improve it. Here is one of his recent notes about Birds and Storms – an example of his general love for wildlife. Click HERE to see the article. The photo of the Whimbrel is by Alastair Gray and the storm scene is by Richard Lowe.

AGM and Talk
Friday 16th March 2018 at Forest Row Community Centre
Talk by Nick Aplin Chair of the Sussex Fungi Group.

Members Spring Walk
Saturday 28th April 2018 start at Legsheath Lane car park at 09:15.

Public Open Day
Sunday 8th July 2018 from 09:30 start at Legsheath Lane car park.

Meadow Bridge Repairs August – September 2017
The Committee and the Work Parties have just completed a major task – arranging the funds, the materials and the repairs to two of the bridges between the meadows in Whillet’s. We are now able again to take tractors through the meadows to mow them. In particular we are very grateful to the work parties for all their hard work in replacing the large number of timbers.

Bridge Repairs Aug 2017

Bridge Repairs Aug 2017

Bridge Repairs Sep 2017

Bridge Repairs Sep 2017

Members Newsletter #78 Autumn 2017
Our latest newsletter has been produced and is being sent out now. If you receive yours by email you should have got it already. The printed versions will be posted to you in the next few days. If you do not receive your copy soon please let me know. Also if you would like to join The Friends of Weir Wood please contact me. All best wishes. Tom Howard-Jones. 14-09-17

23-03-17 Osprey seen at about 9;30 am – watched for 10 minutes – Brendan Lanigan at the Fishery.

25-03-17 2 Ospreys watched over the reservoir at 18:20 – Janet Wilkinson.

27-03-17 Osprey reported at Dam End late morning.

01-05-17 Osprey headed North over Dam (09:30).

04-05-17 Osprey flying NE at Dam End (about noon).

08-05-17 Osprey at Dam End in morning.

31-05-17 Osprey reported at Dam End.

04-09-17 Osprey seen by fishermen near Admiral’s Wood 7am.

09-09-17 Osprey seen by Brendan Lanigan at the Dam End 7:30am.

04-10-17 Osprey seen by Alastair Gray about 11:30 at the West End.

As a result of disturbance and damage to the Nature Reserve caused by illegal trespassers repeatedly climbing through the hide windows, it has become necessary for the Friends of Weir Wood Society to add steel mesh screens to the windows of the hide.
We hope that users of the hide will not be too inconvenienced by the screens and will understand the reason for them.

North Bank Willow Clearance 18-07-17

Southern Water Volunteers 18-07-17

Southern Water Volunteers day – a team from Southern Water helped at our Tuesday Work Session.

The Friends are very grateful to a team of Southern Water volunteers who turned up to assist some of our regular volunteers on a project to start clearing Willow from the waterside edge on North Bank opposite the viewing area. We are increasing the open waterside edge areas to benefit wetland birds and to improve the vegetation. The team worked hard and did an excellent job. A noticeable impact has been made already – bearing in mind that all the cutting was done with hand tools. Further work will be carried out by our regular volunteers in the next few weeks to complete the cutting and clearing tasks. Thank you again to the Southern Water Volunteers. The photos show the SW volunteers during a break (by Tom Ryan) and the improvement in the shore area on the North Bank (by Bob Johnson)