Wildlife Reports & General Information

This area gives specific information on species with detailed information regarding wildlife observations seen or records taken at the Nature Reserve.

These are our lists from 2000.
Our list of BIRDS is HERE.
We take records as they come. We have used species’ names in use at the time. We have included sub-species where traditionally recognised in the field. We have used the systematic order of the early 21st century.
An historical list for interest including pre-2000 records is HERE.
Our list of BUTTERFLIES and MOTHS is HERE.
Our list of ANIMALS is HERE.
Our list of FUNGI and Slime Moulds is HERE.
Our first fungus foray was held on 15th October 2017.
Please click HERE to see a report with a selection of photographs.
Please click HERE for the report on the 2018 foray.

Weir Wood Reservoir hosts a significant heronry. The colony of Grey Herons is very active from February. For further information and general notes click HERE.

The report on our 2015 Open Day can be seen HERE.
The report on our 2016 Open Day can be seen HERE.
The report on our 2017 Open Day can be seen HERE.
The report on our 2018 Open Day can be seen HERE.
The report on our 2021 Open Day can be seen HERE.

A display of moths was part of the Open Day on 12th July 2015. A report with photos can be found at Moth Report.

Mandarin Ducks and other birds sometimes make unusual use of the nest boxes intended for them. See the report on Box C09 from 2015 – Nest Box Report.

Volunteers carry out butterfly transect recording at the Whillet’s meadows area throughout the summer which also includes moth sightings and records – See the butterfly report 2015.

We have occasional bird ringing carried out at the site. Please click HERE for the 2017 report; HERE for the 2016 report; HERE for the 2015 ringing report and click on the following link to see the 2014 Bird ringing report.

The site has over 150 nest boxes, which are monitored and recorded by our volunteers under the BTO nest box scheme. Information and breeding results are shared in our Newsletter. To see a copy of the Nest Box Update of 20th September 2016 – please click HERE. A report on the success of the large nest boxes in 2018 can be found HERE.

Some Information on caddis flies seen at the Nature Reserve – See the continuing report here.