An organisation called The Friends of The River Medway is being set up to protect the river and its tributaries around Weir Wood. Their inaugural event will be held on 14 March 2021 to coincide with the International Day of Action for Rivers (

The gravity latch for holding up the viewing hatch in the hide has been broken by vandals. There is now a chain and hook to hold up the hatch. We hope that will be OK as an interim fix. 12-01-21 THJ

Our book “The Nature of Weir Wood” is now available.
Please see HERE for details and information on how to get copies.

Our Newsletter #91 has been sent out by email. The postal copies will be sent soon. The printing has been delayed by the Christmas shutdown. Membership fees for 2021 are now due. Please contact me if you have any questions. Tom ~ Membership Secretary

10-10-20 juvenile Osprey at West End – Nigel Driver.

25-09-20 juv Osprey early morning over dam then flew over Admirals wood – Nigel Driver

18-09-20 Osprey at Dam End 17:30 – Brendan Lanigan

04-09-20 Osprey juvenile over dam early morning – Nigel Driver.

31-07-20 Osprey at Dam End 06:20 – Nigel Driver.

17-07-20 Osprey in a tree near reed-bed in Whillet’s – The Ringers.

06-07-20 Osprey 06:15.

02-07-20 Dam End Osprey early morning.

01-07-20 and 30-06-20 Osprey reported both days early morning coming over the Dam.

29-06-20 Dam End:- 1 Osprey appeared from the east over the Dam on its second attempt it caught a fish then flew south at 07:13 (Alastair Gray)

28-06-20  Osprey over mid reservoir between 07:05-07:23 then flew east.

24-06-20 Osprey at the Dam End around 17:30 (Brendan Lanigan).
Osprey also seen at West End at 06:00.

22-06-20 Osprey high over Whillet’s (The Ringers)

15-05-20 Osprey at West End

20-09-19 2 Ospreys at 11:00 overflying East.

15-08-19 Osprey juvenile overflying South 10:20

04-06-19 Osprey seen by Work Party.

28-04-19 Osprey seen over dam just after 4pm (John Hunt).

24-04-19 Osprey reported (Bob Taylor)


04-09-18 Osprey flying over the West End

14-08-18 3 Ospreys (adult plus 2 young) at The Dam

29-07-18 Osprey flying over reservoir.

01-05-18 Osprey reported at 10:15 flying off to the North – anonymous on RBA and Birdguides.

02-04-18 Osprey seen at about 09:00


04-10-17 Osprey seen by Alastair Gray about 11:30 at the West End.

09-09-17 Osprey seen by Brendan Lanigan at the Dam End 7:30 am.

04-09-17 Osprey seen by fishermen near Admiral’s Wood 7 am.

31-05-17 Osprey reported at Dam End.

08-05-17 Osprey at Dam End in morning.

04-05-17 Osprey flying NE at Dam End (about noon).

01-05-17 Osprey headed North over Dam (09:30).

27-03-17 Osprey reported at Dam End late morning.

25-03-17 2 Ospreys watched over the reservoir at 18:20 – Janet Wilkinson.

23-03-17 Osprey seen at about 9;30 am – watched for 10 minutes – Brendan Lanigan at the Fishery.

So far no events have been confirmed for 2021.

Please watch this site for news as we are able to plan our events.

Membership fees for 2021 are now due. All existing members will get a renewal form with the latest Newsletter 91. If you have any questions or would like to join for the first time please let me know – Tom Howard-Jones ( Best wishes for the New Year.
1st January 2021.

Peter Erridge gives illustrated talks on the ‘History, development and management of Weir Wood Local Nature Reserve’. They last about 45 minutes and have been well received. He has many photographs of the wildlife and plants found on the Reserve. His presentation can be modified to give more information on topics that may be particular interest to your group. An agreed fee will be donated to support the work of the Friends of Weir Wood. If you would like to arrange a talk please contact Peter via