21st November 2019 – Bob Johnson

Whillets Meadows Reed-bed roost count from 14:45 to 16:30:-   110 Reed Bunting came in to reed-bed  over that period in singles and small groups,  c1260 Starling came in to roost, the biggest individual flock entering was approx 400 in size, rest entered in much smaller groups. The noise from the reed-bed at the end was amazing with this number of Starlings all chattering. A male Sparrowhawk was around  for awhile and made several attempts to fly through the circling Starling groups and take a bird but only achieving to keep splitting up the group, eventually it gave up and left. Also heard were 2 Water Rail, 1 Moorhen and a Tawny Owl. A Kingfisher flew through and Grey Wagtail flew over. Redwings & Jackdaws were seen flying NE over towards their roosting sites, Also plenty of Gulls flying over going SE toward the Dam end to roost on the water.


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