11th June 2019 seen by KOP

A satellite tagged female Osprey from Kielder Ospreys in Northumberland has returned to the UK as a 2 year old from wintering grounds in N Mauritania. She’s spent time in Sussex, and on 4 June she was over Weir Wood West End at 18.37 BST. She arrived from the West and left to the NW, fixes were every 5 minutes so she can’t have been over the reservoir for long. An image is attached, she was about 60m above the terrain when the fix was taken.
I was reminded about your work party sighting on that date.
She has a blue ring marked 7L in white on her right leg, a BTO ring on her left.
Maybe the time will enable confirmation that it was – or wasn’t – her.
Joanna Dailey
Kielder Ospreys Project

KOP Osprey Tracking 04-06-19

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