Osprey sightings 2017 – latest 4th October

23-03-17 Osprey seen at about 9;30 am – watched for 10 minutes – Brendan Lanigan at the Fishery.

25-03-17 2 Ospreys watched over the reservoir at 18:20 – Janet Wilkinson.

27-03-17 Osprey reported at Dam End late morning.

01-05-17 Osprey headed North over Dam (09:30).

04-05-17 Osprey flying NE at Dam End (about noon).

08-05-17 Osprey at Dam End in morning.

31-05-17 Osprey reported at Dam End.

04-09-17 Osprey seen by fishermen near Admiral’s Wood 7am.

09-09-17 Osprey seen by Brendan Lanigan at the Dam End 7:30am.

04-10-17 Osprey seen by Alastair Gray about 11:30 at the West End.

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