We are often asked for advice on walks around the reservoir. Please see HERE for details and maps of walks around Weir Wood from Fancy Free Walks. We hope it may be helpful but we do not take any responsibility for the information.

We have set up a public Facebook group called “Friends of Weir Wood”. The web address is www.facebook.com/groups/weirwood/ you can navigate to it by clicking HERE. It is intended for all supporters of the nature reserve. It will have wildlife sightings, photos, news, events, suggestions and comments. Please contribute (but remember that it is a public space). If you use Facebook please request to join the group – then you will receive updates and reminders automatically. We hope you will like it and find it useful.

On 12/8/16 a moth box was put out in Whillet’s Meadows and this micro moth was captured. It has been confirmed by the County Moth Recorder as Pseudopostega crepusculella – a species which is Nationally Scarce and has not been seen in Sussex since 2009. It has never been reported in the North of the County. Although only 5mm long and not an impressive looking moth; it is our first “Nationally Scarce” moth record for the Nature Reserve. Bob Johnson ran the trap and arranged the identification.

Pseudopostega-crepusculella 31-08-16

Pseudopostega crepusculella 31-08-16

Saturday 26 March 2016 – Osprey at the West End.
Sunday 27 March 2016 – Osprey seen on 6 occasions during the day at the West End. See “Photos” for more pictures.

Osprey 2 27-03-16 photo by Andy Marshall

Osprey 27-03-16 photo by Andy Marshall

Thursday 31 March 2016Osprey at the Dam End; reported twice during the day.

Saturday 02 April 2016 – Osprey fishing at the Dam End at 16:15.

Sunday 03 April 2016 – Osprey caught fish near the North Bank.

Tuesday 05 April 2016 – Osprey flew from Pintail Woods to North Bank then headed North (13:05).

Wednesday 06 April 2016 – Osprey seen at both Dam and West Ends (15:30 to 16:15). Between Pintail Bank and the hide (18:00).

Tuesday 12 April 2016 – Osprey seen in the morning.

Sunday 24 July 2016 – Osprey caught a fish at the West End and flew towards Admiral’s Wood (11:15).

Tuesday 26 July 2016 – Osprey seen fishing unsuccessfully at the West End. Record photo follows:-

Osprey 26-07-16    Osprey 26-07-16 by Bob Johnson.

Wednesday 27 July 2016 – Osprey at the West End.

Monday 15 August 2016 – Osprey at West End.

Tuesday 16 August 2016 – Osprey caught fish at West End about 09:15.

Sunday 21 August 206 – Osprey fishing about lunch time.

Osprey 21-08-16

Osprey 21-08-16 photo by Andy Marshall

Tuesday 23 August 2016 – Osprey seen several times between 11:30 and 17:15 at Whillet’s and the West End.

Osprey 23-08-16

Osprey 23-08-16 photo by Andy Marshall

Osprey 23-08-16

Osprey 23-08-16 photo by Andy Marshall

Wednesday 24 August 2016 – Osprey seen twice at 08:37 and 09:42 from West End car park.

Thursday 25 August – Osprey fishing 16:15-16:30 when it caught a small fish at the West End.

Osprey 25-08-16 by Andy Marshall

Osprey 25-08-16 by Andy Marshall

Saturday 15 October – Osprey at West End (see Photos).

East Sussex County Council (ESCC) are planning to change the way they work with Weir Wood Local Nature Reserve. They have issued a Proposal for Consultation on their Countryside Access Strategy. Their consultation period ended on 29 July 2016. ESCC manage some 2000 miles of public rights of way and 10 countryside sites – including our Weir Wood LNR. In 2015-16 these activities cost £1.8M. They are charged with saving over £70M in the next 3 years. So they are looking to pass the management of their countryside sites to other (as yet unspecified) organisations in order to save money. Your committee is very concerned about the possible implications for our valuable site.

Please take a look at the consultation document – click HERE for a copy.

We will monitor the situation and bring you further news when we get any. If you wish you can contact Tom Howard-Jones at tomhoward1jones@gmail.com to discuss the situation.

The East Sussex CC web site is eastsussex.gov.uk [Original post 8th July 2016; updated 30 July 2016].

Peter Erridge gives illustrated talks on the ‘History, development and management of Weir Wood Local Nature Reserve’. They last about 45 minutes and have been well received. He has many photographs of the wildlife and plants found on the Reserve. His presentation can be modified to give more information on topics that may be particular interest to your group. An agreed fee will be donated to support the work of the Friends of Weir Wood. If you would like to arrange a talk please contact Peter via perridge4@gmail.com.

Our colony of Grey Herons is very active from February. Please click HERE for further information. You can watch them from the hide, the car park and from Legsheath Lane. The nests are in the tall trees on the North Bank at the West End of the reservoir.